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10:06pm 28/01/2007


09:33pm 14/05/2006



11:33pm 11/04/2006

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10:27am 10/04/2006
mood: content
I just listened to a couple of tracks off the Depth Affect album, and what can I say... AMAZING. They worked with Cyne on this album. The bizarre combination came out fantastically good. Wow.

http://www.autresdirections.net/inmusic/article.php3?id... (listen to track 2, one day or so)
http://www.cyne.net /

Also, check out Obadia
That one's an MP3 release, you can listen to the whole album and it's funktown goodness.

Also, here's some more Depth Affect

And Dirge (post rock)
Really good stuff, even if it does sound like something sbvrtanddstry cries himself to sleep listening to.

autres directions is probably my favorite label. They never disappoint me.

If you're feeling adventurous, turn on the music blog and sit back. http://www.autresdirections.net/inmusic / theres an embedded one on the bottom of the main page, or a link to a pop up one at the top.

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I really like this   
08:15pm 21/03/2006
mood: touched

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09:56pm 19/03/2006
  4 days  


Holland's Minister of Justice has released his policy statement in convenient rap form   
11:52am 06/03/2006
mood: amused

Thnx Ron

http://www.justitie.nl/nieuws/60225_De_Don.asp (can't find the english page for that)

Holy shit, he's engaging in a RAP-OFF with the mayor of Maastricht over drug laws!

both raps here, though page is in dutch

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09:36am 01/03/2006
mood: chipper
Rachel is a doll and a goddess and a sweetheart all in one.

Also a bad influence. Making me buy new shoes. Tsk.

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Music orgasm   
07:02pm 08/02/2006
mood: ecstatic
So, I've been totally re-addicted to Josef K lately, but then Ron introduced me to Sad Lovers & Giants.

Oh my god. SO GOOD. If anyone has any, tell me. Please.

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And you all thought Skeletor was bad   
01:08pm 07/02/2006

What will those crazy WoW fans do next

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HATED IT! Neil Tennant on the power of negative thinking   
02:01pm 06/02/2006
mood: nerdy

If not for hatred, I wouldn’t be doing what I do now. I became a pop star because I hated football at school. I hated that whole attitude of being one of the crowd. Becoming a pop star was my revenge. Revenge for being bad at football. For not being athletic. For being mocked.

That’s the thing about negative energy, about hatred. It can be positive. It throws into relief all the things you know you like. It tells you, by elimination, what you’re about. Sometimes you can only define yourself by what you hate. Hatred becomes an inspiration; it makes you think, “What I’m doing now I totally believe in, and I don’t care what other people say.” Guided by hatred, you don’t have to follow the herd.

I hate the way people all like the same things at the same time. I’ve never understood it. When people are told about Coke – “It’s the real thing” – they should think, “No, it’s a hideous soft drink that is fantastically unhealthy to drink, full of sugar that turns into glucose that turns into fat.” They should look around America and think, “God, there are so many fat people here! Why? Because they all eat hamburgers and drink cola.” And they should hate the people who represent that. They should hate Michael Jackson for trying to foist Pepsi onto them, to make them fat victims of their own society. They should hate more. Hate Pepsi, hate Coca-Cola, hate Michael Jackson. Hate George Bush. And think about the alternatives. That’s another good thing about hatred. It makes you think about the alternatives.

Of course, these days it’s more fashionable to be positive. I hate positivity. The problem with positivity is that it’s an attitude that’s decidedly about lying back, getting screwed, and accepting it. Happily. It’s totally apolitical. It’s very, very personal and one-on-one. It’s not about changing society, it’s about caring about yourself. In fact, it’s totally about ignoring one’s economic role in society, and so it works in favor of the system. Just look at work years of personal consciousness theories have given us: those icons of the status quo, George Bush and John Major.

Positivity is fundamentally middle-class. It’s about having the time, the space and the money to sort out where your head is at. Therapy is just another side of positivity. It’s a leisure activity, a luxury for people who don’t have any real cares. It’s new age selfishness, the new way of saying that charity begins at home.

And positivity makes the world stay the same. Hatred is the force that moves society along, for better or for worse. People aren’t driven by saying, “Oh wow, I’m at peace with myself.” They’re driven by their hatred of injustice, hatred of unfairness, of how power is used.
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11:28pm 02/02/2006
mood: uncomfortable

Only listen to Buchenwald if you have a strong stomach.



08:15pm 31/01/2006
mood: sick
Guess who has the strep throat again.


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03:14am 28/01/2006
mood: drunk
Oh hey, is your name Aly?

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01:26pm 22/01/2006
  Oh hey you know what's disgusting?
Not voting.
So go out and do it tomorrow.

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Only in India, right?   
09:09am 19/01/2006
  Delhi court ban on errant monkeys.
The High Court in theIndian capital, Delhi, has directed the city's civic authorities to rid the premises of a top court of marauding monkeys.
The court told the authority to catch monkeys who were disrupting work at the Tis Hazari courts within a month.
A petitioner complained that the monkeys were attacking lawyers and their clients and snatching their food.
Delhi suffers from a serious monkey menace, with scores of animals seen across the city.
The monkeys are mostly seen around top government offices.


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09:27am 18/01/2006
mood: tired
The Museum
Looks like the exhibit is open already! Lets go go go!

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02:37am 07/01/2006
mood: ecstatic
Devo devo devo devo

You know you love it

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Been reading my Lewis   
11:40am 02/01/2006
  "The 'frankness' of people sunk below shame is a very cheap frankness."

"It was when I was happiest that I longed most...The sweetest thing in all my life has been the longing...to find the place where all the beauty came from."

"'We do not truly see light, we only see slower things lit by it, so that for us light is on the edge--the last thing we know before things become too swift for us.'"

"Affection is responsible for nine-tenths of whatever solid and durable happiness there is in our lives. "

"If the whole universe has no meaning, we should never have found out that it has no meaning: just as, if there were no light in the universe and therefore no creatures with eyes, we should never know it was dark. Dark would be without meaning. "

"Literature adds to reality, it does not simply describe it. It enriches the necessary competencies that daily life requires and provides; and in this respect, it irrigates the deserts that our lives have already become. "


08:40am 30/12/2005
mood: pleased

Ron clearly knows the way to this ladies heart.
I only hope he enjoys his shirt half as much and I will be more than satisfied.

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